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UFC 159 Picks & Bets

Jon JonesI haven’t had a chance to get my picks and bets posted here prior to the fights starting for a couple of events now. I’ve been busy over at MMA Oddsbreaker (if you don’t follow the site regularly, you should do that thing as there is a ton of great betting content over there). However, I’m on vacation for the next week from my full-time job, so I’ve got some extra time to get all my picks and plays on paper for this event.

The event itself really isn’t terribly intriguing, and the from my perspective the betting opportunities aren’t particularly ripe either. Still, I’m a degenerate, so I’ve managed to get some plays in on this card anyways. I took a bit of a different approach to this card, with a lot of very small bets on specific outcomes at high + numbers rather than my normal straight bets. Read on for my picks and bets. Read More…


UFC on Fuel TV 8 Takeaways, Betting Recap

Silva StannAlright, there’s going to be an emerging trend in this takeaways article, so I’m going to throw it out there right now. I have re-named “UFC on Fuel TV 8” as “UFC: What the $#@! Were You Thinking?!” due to the all-around stupidity exhibited on the card from fighters, referees, judges and everyone else involved. I’m not exempt from this epidemic either, so you’ll have some self-effacing quips to look forward to as well.

Overall, UFC: What the $#@! Were You Thinking?! was a very strange card. at one point there was a run of eight consecutive decisions on the card, and I think if you bet the ‘Over’ on each fight on tonight’s card you would have gone either 10 of 11, or a perfect 11 of 11 (I don’t remember if Lim/Guimares O/U was set at 1.5 or 2.5). For any MMA event, nevermind one featuring some of the dynamic finishers this card had, that’s just odd.

Normally on these articles I start from the top and work my way down to the prelims, but this time I’ll be working in reverse, as the ‘What the $#@! Were You Thinking” quotient increased as the night went on. Read More…

UFC on Fuel TV 8 Picks & Bets

UFC on Fuel TV 8This Saturday marks the UFC’s return to Japan, which is looking to be a more frequent occurrence after the organization saw some success with UFC 144 last February. Unlike the previous card featuring a Lightweight Title fight between Frankie Edgar and Benson Henderson, this card caters a little more directly to the Japanese fans. The top three fights on the card feature former Pride FC standouts, and the remainder of the event showcases some of the best Asian fighters, and some of the better Asian prospects in the sport today. Although the card is taking place in Japan, there is quite the emphasis on Korean fighters as the UFC is still trying to break into that new market.

Let’s run down the card and see if we can’t find some value: Read More…

UFC’s Ranking, Title Shots Send Mixed Messages

Anthony PettisWhen it was announced that the UFC would be establishing an official rankings system there were a couple of questions that had to be raised. Given the recent glut of title shots given to fighters coming off losses, inactivity or exploring a new weight class, fans wondered if the rankings would be a step towards more transparent contendership in the organization. Dana White swiftly answered with a “not really” but did point out that the rankings would make it easier for the more casual fans to connect the dots and understand what they were seeing inside the cage.

However, less than 48 hours after the first set of rankings were released, the UFC was announcing that Anthony Pettis would be the next challenger to Jose Aldo’s featherweight title. Pettis, of the 0-0 lifetime record at 145lbs, jumped past Ricardo Lamas, Chan Sung Jung and even Clay Guida (who – controversial or not – has a recent victory over Pettis) to fight Aldo. So despite putting these rankings in place to help make things easier to follow, the first bout booked goes completely against the idea, pitting the featherweight champion against a challenger who cannot be ranked in the division. Talk about mixed messages. Read More…

UFC 155 Takeaways – Velasquez Dominates, Miller & Lauzon Thrill

UFC 155The UFC capped off 2012 with a card that encapsulated the organization’s year as a whole. The first 60% of the pay-per-view was unimpressive, just as the early part of the year netted low viewership and didn’t produce many memorable fights. However, like the last quarter of the year, the event picked up with a thrilling ‘Fight of the Year’ contender between Jim Miller and the most entertaining fighter of 2012, Joe Lauzon. Finally, just as the UFC’s year was capped off with impressive cards that built momentum towards 2013, this card was capped off with a memorable performance from Cain Velasquez, who has now reclaimed his spot as the top Heavyweight in MMA.

Despite the varied results of the pay-per-view portion of this card, there were consistently entertaining fights on the preliminary card that deserved to happen later in the night, but befuddling card construction has been an ongoing theme with the UFC this year. Without further ado, here are some thoughts on all the fights from Saturday’s card, in order of relevance: Read More…

2012 tazmma Submission of the Year

The MMA scene in Western Canada has been very healthy for a number of years now. We’ve seen both the UFC and WEC visit that part of the country due to the rabid fan base, while the MFC has made Edmonton its home base. All of the higher level MMA found in the area has created a fertile lower tier of regional MMA shows, and those shows have produced some incredible moments over the past couple of years.

Back in 2009, Marcus ‘Lelo’ Aurelio (not to be confused with UFC and Pride vet ‘Maximus’ of the same name) provided one of the most unique knockouts of the year.

This year, another smaller organization out west played host to an amazing submission that got in just under the wire to be considered one of the best in 2012. I have no problem admitting that I have no idea who either Wolfgang Janssen or Aaron Armstrong are. They could be decent prospects or they could be complete bums. What is for sure, however, is that the fashion in which Janssen tapped Armstrong in their December 14th fight is something you’ve likely never seen before. An important part of the submission of the year award is the ingenuity involved in the submission. In the past five years we’ve seen subs like Toby Imada’s Inverted Triangle and Shuichiro Katsumura’s Ninja Choke either win, or get serious consideration for the award. This gem from Wolfgang Janssen is no different. Take a look: Read More…

2012 tazmma Knockout of the Year

As with any year in MMA, 2012 featured its fair share of violence. Noted destroyer of men Anderson Silva was at his best over the year, landing punishing knees to the body in both of his fights which led directly to their stoppages. Less celebrated connoisseurs of the knockout like Cub Swanson, Rick Hawn, Stefan Struve and Glover Teixeira also did their part to keep the violence quotient elevated over the course of the calendar.

There was one particular moment of “la violencia” which stood above all others in 2012 though. It had the aesthetic that any great knockout has from every perspective. The technique was beautiful, the impact was perfect, and to cap it all off the man on the receiving end of the knockout scored a 10 on the ‘Nestea Plunge’ scale. This moment, is of course Edson Barboza‘s perfectly executed Spinning Wheel Kick KO of Terry Etim, all the way back at UFC 142 in January. To refresh your memory, see below: Read More…