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Strikeforce: Marquardt vs Saffiedine – Takeaways, Betting Recap

Strikeforce made its swan song on Saturday night, and admittedly, it went out with more of a whimper than a bang. The construction of the card didn’t really allow for anything more, as the only intriguing match on the main card was the main event. Even in that situation, the general public grossly misread the fight, and pegged it as another huge mismatch. Everything else went entirely as planned, and there honestly isn’t much to be said for many of the fights. The same could almost be said for my night betting, but we’ll get to that. Read More…


MMA’s Ridiculous Culture of Toughness

By now you’ve likely seen the Ronda Rousey-Miesha Tate fight from Saturday night in Columbus. Failing that, you’ve read or heard about the result (if not, take a look at the video below). Once again, Rousey found herself the victor, in the first round, by armbar. She moved her record to 5-0 and became one of the quickest fighters in the sport to attain a major championship, especially in the modern era.

One of the major narratives coming out of the fight is obviously Rousey’s dominance, and her place as perhaps the biggest star in the history of Women’s MMA. However, something I find interesting and mildly disconcerting coming out of the fight is the celebration of Tate’s “toughness,” in regards to her unwillingness to tap to the second armbar Rousey had her in. As much as I hate to reference Twitter in any journalistic sense, it’s quite apparent that MMA has a disproportionate presence on the medium. Fellow fighters, fans and even some media were lauding the former champion for her “warrior spirit,”  “fighting to the bitter end,” and the like. This is the part that I don’t understand. Read More…

Brad’s Friday Fight Bodega – Maximo Blanco

This weekend kick starts a huge run in MMA which will see 4 UFC events, 2 Strikeforce shows, 4 Bellator cards and 1 DREAM offering over the next month. That’s not even taking into account the numerous cards being put on by the likes of BAMMA, Shark Fights, Maximum Fighting Championships, and Titan Fighting Championships among others.

With everything that is going on this weekend alone, I found it difficult to single out a particular fighter (nevermind a specific fight) to showcase for you this week. In the end, it came down to three of MMA’s brightest prospects. Douglas Lima has shown a fantastic MMA-adapted submission game, as well as developing striking arsenal. He will be making his Bellator debut against Steve Carl tomorrow night. Yoel Romero breaks so many of my rules about MMA that it’s ridiculous. Romero isn’t your typical MMA neophyte though. An Olympic freestyle silver medalist and world champion, Romero brings a pedigree matched by few in the sport. He also brings the perfect style of wrestling to translate to MMA, as he is both athletic and explosive (or is it explosively athletic?). Added to that, Romero’s brother is a former world champion boxer, and he has been boxing nearly his entire life to boot. The only thing that gives me paused about Romero is that he is already 34 years old, and defected to Germany, where the caliber of MMA gyms is hardly what he could find in North America. Read More…

MMA News and Notes – July 24-30

In this edition we cover all the MMA news from the past week and discuss some upcoming fights, recent fighter signings, and rumoured fights. Covering the UFC, Strikeforce, and Bellator as well as Tachi Palace Fights, Shark Fights and the Maximum Fighting Championship, continue reading for all the week’s news from the wonderful world of Mixed Martial Arts. Read More…

Just Getting Started: The Most Successful 40+ Fighters In MMA History

MMA is unique in so many different ways that it’s almost cliché to bring the subject up at this point. However, one of the interesting dynamics we’ve been able to watch as the sport has evolved over the past 20 years (and in part because of its youth) is the success of athletes who would be considered incredibly aged in other sports. We’ve heard Joe Rogan gush for years about Randy Couture singlehandedly changing the age perceptions in combat sports, and despite the former multi-division champion’s vast success in his fifth decade, this is nothing more than typical Rogan hyperbole. Many MMA fighters have fought past their 40th birthday, and although the trend is slowing as fighters get started in the sport earlier and earlier (thus accumulating more and more injuries), there are still a surprising number of athletes to choose from when looking at those who have performed best after the big 4-0. Read More…

What To Watch For This Weekend

To me, this weekend is about as good as it gets as far as MMA goes. Sure the big fights are fun, and they have all the anticipation behind them, but how often does that actually translate into a better fight? Give me three stellar cards on consecutive nights and I’m a happy man.

I espouse regional MMA at pretty much every opportunity, and while these cards are a leap above the average regional card, they often bring the same feel of fighters trying to prove themselves rather than playing it safe. Bellator has become known for exciting fights and awe-inspiring finishes. Strikeforce Challengers is a proving ground, and under the gaze of Sean Shelby has become a very intriguing product. And the UFC on Versus tends to give the little guys a bit more play (although the televised card features two Heavyweight bouts), and we know that more often than not 155ers and below bring the fun.

So out of this whirlwind of MMA, what should you actually pay attention to, and what can wait for the inevitable Wimbledon rain delays? Here are the 5 most intriguing fights/storylines I’ll be following this weekend: Read More…

Why ____ Will Win The Strikeforce GP

Head over to FightLockdown.com to check out an article I contributed to about the Strikeforce GP, and how it’s pretty much up for grabs at this point.

The article can be found HERE.

Also, note that the views expressed in the blurb I wrote up on Sergei are not my actual feelings on the remainder of the tournament. I know that Sergei has the least well-rounded skill set remaining, and likely has the smallest odds of winning, but each fighter had to have someone stick up for them, and I like a challenge.

I want to pick Barnett to win, because I think after he likely subs Kharitonov (do you remember how bad he looked against Monson?), he has the ability to wear down either Overeem or Silva. It’s kind of unfortunate that the final will still only be 3 rounds, because I’d like him even more in a 5 rounder. People forget that because of one highlight reel KO from nearly 10 years ago, that Barnett’s striking is actually pretty damn good, he has the best sub game, and has a ton of big fight experience (although not recently, but that goes for pretty much everybody in this tournament). Also, the dynamic of fans demanding Barnett get a UFC title shot would make Dana White’s head explode, and it would make me laugh. They’d probably try to delay it by having him rematch Overeem (or face him for the first time if Silva ends up in the finals), but that would be foolish. I mean, after Cain/JDS goes down, who is the UFC gonna have to put in a title shot? Schaub? Please.


Also be sure to check out the rest of the content over at FightLockdown, there are some other really talented writers over there, including my collaborators on this piece, Jack Barrington and David Anthony. Their MMA Forums also where I hang out and chat, so it can’t be all bad.