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UFC 130 Main Card: Results, Recap and Thoughts

Saturday night, from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas we got one of the least anticipated fight cards in quite some time.  Personally, I felt that this card actually exceeded expectations.  It still wasn’t great or memorable by any means, but it wasn’t something laughably bad like Couture/Coleman.

In the main event of the evening, Quinton Jackson showed just how far from contention Matt Hamill really is.  Hamill posed very few questions to “Rampage” through the fight, and all were answered decisively.  Essentially, Hamill was told that he could neither wrestle well enough nor strike well enough to be a top contender.  While I remarked during the fight that Jackson would be much better if he came forward every once in a while, that’s simply something that’s not been his game in some time.  His boxing is still sharp, his takedown defence is still stellar and he hasn’t lost his power, but without his aggression, Quinton is merely a good fighter at 205.  Hamill survived to the end of this fight because he really put himself at no risk in this fight, but that’s not to say a more aggressive Jaclson wouldn’t have.  Looking forward, I don’t think there are too many questions that Jon Jones would be able to defeat that incarnation of “Rampage” rather easily. Read More…