2017 MMA Betting Results

2016 turned into a fun year for me when it came to betting. I explored the merits of Fatties Gonna Fatty a bit deeper, honed in on some betting angles which I believe provide value (Prop Round Robins became a very profitable tool for me in the second half of the year), and just generally enjoyed myself. I still tracked my results for personal use, and the year ended up being slightly profitable (thanks to a 53U [!!!] winning night on November 19th which erased my prior 2016 losses and then some), which is always nice. However, 2017 will be a bit different. I’ll be a bit more judicious about the volume of my bets, and I will do my best to post my plays on here and twitter prior to every event so that anyone interested can track things alongside me.


Yearly Results

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Bet Detail

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UFC Fight Night 103
January 15, 2017
2U RR – Oliynik Sub, Lybarger Dec, Christensen Sub, Asker Sub
1.17U to win 1U – Harris/Sherman O1.5 (-117)
1.05U to win 1U – Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger (-105)
1U RR – Rodriguez Dec, Lauzon Dec, Saunders ITD, Harris Dec
1U to win 1.33U – Drakkar Klose & Lauzon/Held O2.5 (+133)
1U to win 1.15U – Joachim Christensen & Martin/White O1.5 (+115)
1U to win 1.1U – Smoliakov/Asker O1.5 (+110)



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