tazmma Sloppy Slugfest – Forrest Petz vs. Sergej Juskevic

When it comes to fights, a seasoned fan can often appreciate the subtle techniques in each aspect of MMA, and find interest in a bout which a more casual onlooker may see as downright boring. However, every once in a while there comes a fight that everyone can agree is thoroughly enjoyable, and often those fights would fall under the category of a “Sloppy Slugfest”. While some in the MMA community dismiss these fights due to their lack of technique, they are merely soulless pessimists and need to learn how to enjoy some brainless fun every once in a while.

The epitome of the Sloppy Slugfest is the legendary Don Frye/Yoshihiro Takayama throwdown that made men, women and children weep. The men wept out of joy, while the women and children wept due to what the Hawtness’ mug looked like post fight. In honour of the untouchable nature of this slugfest, all others are judged on the patented 5-Fryama scale. 5 Fryama’s is Frye/Takayama itself, while anything less denotes a fight which ultimately falls short of the classic – which, inevitably, is every other slugfest in history.

Let us commence.

Forrest Petz vs. Sergej Juskevic

Score Fighting Series – March 16, 2012

Forrest Petz is well-known to MMA fans who have been around the sport for a while. He has experienced two separate stints in the UFC, not finding a whole lot of success in either. Even further, he wasn’t the type of fighter who had fans clamoring for his return by putting on exciting performances. Since his most recent departure from the organization in late 2010, Petz has gone on record in saying that he knows if he wants a third trip to the UFC, he’ll need to change his style to a more fan-friendly one. Rather than simply paying lip service to this idea, ‘The Meat Cleaver’ has gone out there and put his plan into action. He had three consecutive wins since his release, with two coming via T/KO heading into his bout on this card.

Sergej Juskevic is a Lithuanian born fighter who now trains and resides in Canada. His early career was nothing to write home about, as he started 3-5-1, even losing to fighters who normally reside at 135 and 145lbs. Juskevic managed to turn things around drastically as his career has progressed however, as following that rough patch early on, he pieced together an 8-1-1 run leading up to the bout with Petz, relying primarily on his grappling as evidenced by his six submission over that span. Most recently, Juskevic put his Sambo background to good use by submitting UFC veteran Gideon Ray with a Heel Hook in just 90 seconds.

Given the backgrounds of these two men, nobody could have anticipated what was to come when they stepped in the cage in Hamilton, Ontario. Take a look.

Gameplans are nice and all, but sometimes you’ve got to love when two fighters throw them out the window, as these two clearly did. That alone is not enough to make a Sloppy Slugfest though. It takes offense coming from both sides, and resilience on the part of both fighters, and this one had both in spades. Maybe Petz will get that third chance in the UFC after all. If he keeps fighting like this, I don’t think anyone is going to object.


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