Brad’s Friday Fight Bodega – August 26, 2011

This week’s Bodega focuses on what is probably the third most publicised event of the weekend. Obviously the big event on everyone’s mind (for good reason) is the UFC making its return to Brazil. Pro Elite’s MMA return is the next event on the MMA totem pole. However, for those who like their MMA free and in high definition, the announcement that HDNet would be airing Shooto Brazil’s Fight For BOPE event came with some of the greatest joy of any MMA happening this weekend. Whether the partnership carries over to Shooto cards in Japan as well is still to be seen – and lobbied for by fans. But at least for this weekend the historic organization can be viewed live rather than scouring the web for videos weeks later.

If you’ve never followed a Shooto Brazil card before, it is vastly different from the traditional cards run by the organization. First, the cards are organized primarily by Andre Pederneiras. As such, they are constructed in a way that features and promotes Nova Uniao talent. Looking at the Fight For BOPE card you can see the influence from Pederneiras’ team, with Ronys Torres, Rodolfo Marquez Diniz and Hacran Dias all representing Nova Uniao. Diniz and Dias are two of the best prospects coming out of Nova Uniao right now.

Diniz is a once-beaten Bantamweight, with that defeat coming at the hands of Bellator Season 5 participant Luis Nogueira. While not the most dynamic fighter to come out of the camp, he possesses a nice blend of striking and grappling. Whether those skills are enough to overcome his opponent Jesse Brock and his wrestling skills is still to be seen.

Dias is quite possibly the brightest prospect currently coming up through Nova Uniao. A Lightweight currently sporting an 18-1-1 record with an airtight grappling game, he is similar to a fighter like Wagnney Fabiano in that he focuses on position before submission, but sports more potent arsenal of Ground and Pound than the former IFL Champion. Over the past two years, Dias has become more of a finisher, gaining stoppages in 5 of his last 7 victories. His opponent, Eddie Hoch, enters the fight with a 7-2 record, relying primarily on his grappling game to get there. This seems like the perfect matchup to further Dias’ progress.

The fighter I actually want to highlight is Ronys Torres, who is one of the most well-known fighters on the card. Most of his notoriety has come from his 0-2 UFC stint, which actually doesn’t look so bad since Melvin Guillard is on the verge of a title shot and Jacob Volkmann has turned around his career in the UFC after a rocky start at 170. Torres is the type of fighter fans love to watch, as his primary goal is to pursue the finish, as his fight with Helderson Filhao will show (well, after the first minute and a half where Filhao does everything in his power to just pin Torres against the cage).

Ronys Torres vs. Helderson Filhao


April 29th, 2011

Be sure to catch Torres, and the rest of the Shooto Brazil card, on HDNet Friday, August 26th @ 10pm.


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