The Most Successful 40+ Fighters In MMA History… Revisited

This weekend I examined some of MMA’s elder statesmen, and their accomplishments after passing the age of 40. For the full article, click here. I noted in that article that were Dan Henderson to defeat Fedor Emelianenko in their bout this past Saturday, he would assume the top spot on the list despite still being shy of his 41st birthday.

Well, Saturday came and went, and Henderson bested Fedor in one of the more entertaining rounds we’ve seen, scoring the first TKO win anyone has managed against the Russian (not counting his loss via cut early in his career). It was one of the most impressive victories in what is quickly becoming a truly legendary career.

Although I hate to go back on my word, after further reviewing their respective resumes I simply cannot yet move Henderson above Couture on my list. Although Couture has suffered numerous defeats in his forties, he also has victories over Tito Ortiz, Vitor Belfort, Tim Sylvia and Gabriel Gonzaga. That list has two fighters who were top 5 at the time Couture beat them, and two others who were in the top 10. While Henderson’s sole year in his forties (he turned 40 August 24th of last year) has been a remarkable one, and is by far the best single year any fighter has had in their forties, it’s not quite enough to trump the many years Randy had to build up his resume. Henderson’s victories over two top 10 fighters, and a top 15 fighters really don’t outweigh what Randy has accomplished, and for that reason the list remains as is.


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