Why ____ Will Win The Strikeforce GP

Head over to FightLockdown.com to check out an article I contributed to about the Strikeforce GP, and how it’s pretty much up for grabs at this point.

The article can be found HERE.

Also, note that the views expressed in the blurb I wrote up on Sergei are not my actual feelings on the remainder of the tournament. I know that Sergei has the least well-rounded skill set remaining, and likely has the smallest odds of winning, but each fighter had to have someone stick up for them, and I like a challenge.

I want to pick Barnett to win, because I think after he likely subs Kharitonov (do you remember how bad he looked against Monson?), he has the ability to wear down either Overeem or Silva. It’s kind of unfortunate that the final will still only be 3 rounds, because I’d like him even more in a 5 rounder. People forget that because of one highlight reel KO from nearly 10 years ago, that Barnett’s striking is actually pretty damn good, he has the best sub game, and has a ton of big fight experience (although not recently, but that goes for pretty much everybody in this tournament). Also, the dynamic of fans demanding Barnett get a UFC title shot would make Dana White’s head explode, and it would make me laugh. They’d probably try to delay it by having him rematch Overeem (or face him for the first time if Silva ends up in the finals), but that would be foolish. I mean, after Cain/JDS goes down, who is the UFC gonna have to put in a title shot? Schaub? Please.


Also be sure to check out the rest of the content over at FightLockdown, there are some other really talented writers over there, including my collaborators on this piece, Jack Barrington and David Anthony. Their MMA Forums also where I hang out and chat, so it can’t be all bad.


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