The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale: Results, Recap and Thoughts

Tonight from the Las Vegas, Nevada the 13th iteration of The Ultimate Fighter came to a close.

Sitting from my couch I will provide you with the correct results.  Anything above that is a bonus.
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The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale Results

Reuben Duran def. Francisco Rivera via R3 Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) – 1:57

Scott Jorgensen (#9 BW) def. Ken Stone via R1 KO (Punches) – 4:01

Clay Harvison def. Justin Edwards via Split Decision

Shamar Bailey def. Ryan McGillivray via Unanimous Decision

George Roop def. Josh Grispi via R3 TKO (Body Punch) – 3:14

Jeremy Stephens def. Danny Downes via Unanimous Decision

Chris Cope def. Chuck O’Neil via Unanimous Decision

Kyle Kingsbury def. Fabio Maldonado vis Unanimous Decision

Ed Herman def. Tim Credeur via R1 TKO (Punches) – 0:48

Clay Guida (#9 LW) def. Anthony Pettis (#8 LW) via Unanimous Decision

Tony Ferguson def. Ramsey Nijem via R1 KO (Punches) – 3:54

The Ultimate Fighter 13 Thoughts and Recap

  • Didn’t get to watch much of the prelims.
  • Scott Jorgensen is a top 10 BW and buried on the undercard.  He’ll be on the next one after that.
  • Josh Grispi looks like he really doesn’t enjoy being tested.
  • Jeremy Stephens put a beating on Downes and almost took his arm home, and I really hope Danny’s heart doesn’t become the story of the fight, because Stephens looked excellent.
  • “I can’t remember a time there wasn’t a commercial on.” – My Fiancee
Chris Cope vs. Chuck O’Neil
  • For the record, I picked Chuck by Unanimous Decision.  I was wrong.
  • I can’t believe Cope and O’Neil are on a UFC main card.  They don’t seem to be able to either.
  • Cope takes Round 1 10-9. More aggressive, landed more, and a more varied arsenal.
  • It’s almost unimaginable that either of these guys will be around for longer than 3 fights.
  • Same story in Round 2, Cope 10-9, O’Neil acting in his corner like he doesn’t know how to do anything.  Cope annoying me as he sounds like an emphysemic (is that a word?) Ric Flair.
  • O’Neil doesn’t do anything.  Rogan and Goldberg going on about how Cope has improved, which really isn’t much of a compliment given the fact that he’s still not good.
  • Chuck has now gone about 5 rounds with out throwing anything with bad intentions.  Cope 10-9.  My final scorecard: Cope 30-27. The judges can’t get this wrong, right?
  • Judges agree.  Chris Cope def. Chuck O’Neil via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)
  • When are they going to start treating Amir Sadollah like a fighter?

Kyle Kingsbury vs. Fabio Maldanado
  • Picked Kingsbury in this one, Unanimous Decision.
  • Maldonado lacing Kingsbury with body shots in the early going.  Kingsbury with some really huge knees, and a takedown, but Maldonado’s attack was more consistent.  10-9 Maldonado. Close though.
  • Fabio not working nearly the body nearly as much as the first, and Kingsbury scoring two takedowns and more big knees, outweighed Maldonado’s BJJ.  Fabio bloodied towards the end of Round 2, which goes 10-9 Kingsbury.
  • I’ve got it 19-19, but I could also see 20-19, or 20-18 Kingsbury.
  • Maldonado landing more and harder again in the 3rd, Kingsbury grabs a takedown but Fabio is up instantly.  Huge left hook and a takedown follow from Maldonado, so unless Kingsbury can get a sub, sweep or stall for a stand up (which he just got, and I hated), he loses in my books.
  • Kingsbury fails on a takedown attempt, and pushes Maldonado up against the cage where Maldonado reverses and gets the takedown. 10-9 Maldonado. My scorecard is 29-28 Maldonado.
  • Judges disagree and go the other way. Kyle Kingsbury def. Fabio Maldonado via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3).
  • Literally 90 minutes of program, and 30 minutes of fights at this point.
Ed Herman vs. Tim Credeur
  • Just so we know, I picked Credeur by late TKO.
  • …And there is Ed Herman by very early KO.  Uppercuts followed by very accurate GnP.
  • Ed Herman def. Tim Credeur via R1 TKO – 0:48
Anthony Pettis vs. Clay Guida
  • I picked Pettis by Unanimous Decision.
  • Pettis lands a few shots on the feet, Guida bounces around pointlessly.
  • Guida gets a takedown off Pettis’ kick and Pettis threatens for the next 4 or so minutes with submission attempts and actual strikes from the bottom.  Guida has not passed, or landed anything significant on the ground. 10-9 Pettis. Judges will almost assuredly disagree.
  • I couldn’t keep doing PBP on that one because I was angry that Guida was going to win based on doing nothing.
  • Clay Guida def. Anthony Pettis via Unanimous Decision.
Tony Ferguson vs. Ramsey Nijem
  • I picked Tony by UD.
  • I was unaware that “The Pit” existed beyond Chuck Liddell’s retirement.
  • Tony surprises with the early takedown, Ramsey tries to reverse, but Ferguson flips through. Back to the feet.
  • Ramsey runs forward and wings punches, and rather than move laterally, Ferguson moves straight back and then tries to come back with his own takedown.
  • Tony comes with an on-the-button left hook, and finishes up quickly on the ground.
  • Tony Ferguson def. Ramsey Nijem via R1 KO (Punches) – 3:54

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