Over the next few weeks I’ll be consolidating all of my work from (which you should definitely sign up at if you’re in the market for some solid MMA discussion) over here so that it’s in one easy to find place. Hopefully the process runs smoothly, but I’m sure there will be a few hiccups, especially in regards to formatting.

I’m also going to be making many tweaks to the layout of this page as I get more comfortable with WordPress, to ensure the best possible reading experience (see? I care about you guys).

At any rate, stay tuned for my past work, and know that new material including opinion pieces, news commentary, event previews and more are all on the way.



About bradtaschuk

An MMA enthusiast who also fancies himself a writer, I've been following the sport in depth since moving off to University in the fall of 2004 allowed me more free time than I knew what to do with. Quickly, an obsession with watching as much MMA as possible developed, which has continued to this day in the form of writing and editing articles for various MMA sites, and now to my own blog about my views on the sport.

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