2014 Betting History and Results

So I bailed a little early on my betting history in 2013 when I went over to MMA Oddsbreaker to write and edit.

I’m still over there doing my thing from a writing perspective (as you can tell, there haven’t been too many updates here), but the importance of tracking bets can’t be understated. Also, for people curious about my individual bets since I don’t post official plays over at Oddsbreaker, they can be found here.

I’ve also just changed the order of this betting history around so the most recent bets are now at the top, rather than having to sort through everything each time you visit.


Yearly Results

Starting Balance: 100U
Bets: 103-133-1
Units: +45.93U
ROI: 11.55% (397.56U wagered, 45.93U returned)

Money Line Bets: 55-74-1 (18-14 on favourites, 37-60-1 on underdogs)
Parlay Bets: 40-32
Prop Bets: 4-18
Round Robins: 4-9

November: +5.46U
October: -12.39U
September: +15.45U
August: -2.02U
July: +1.97U
June: +3.25U
May: +14.30U
April: -0.75U
March: -8.65U
February: +16.63U
January: +10.68U


UFC Fight Night 57

2.12U to win 2U – 2-team Parlay @ -106 (Rosholt, Vick)
2U to win 2.1U – Bobby Green @ +105
1U to win 1.8U – Cub Swanson @ +180
1U Round Robin – Swanson TKO, Green TKO, Ortiz, Copeland
Event Total:


UFC 180

2U to win 3.6U – Chris Heatherly @ +180 – Loss
2U to win 3.55U – Jake Ellenberger @ +178 – Loss
1.05U to win 1U – 2-team Parlay @ -105 (Werdum ITD, Benitez) – Win
1U to win 1.01U – 2-team Parlay @ +101 (Werdum ITD, Not Bonnar ITD) – Win
1U to win 1.15U – 2-team Parlay @ +115 (Werdum ITD, Vera) – Loss
1U to win 1.2U – 2-team Parlay @ +120 (Werdum ITD, Quinonez) – Loss
1U Round Robin – Ellenberger R1, Bermudez TKO, Heatherly Sub, Morales – Loss
Event Total: -4.99U


Bellator 131

1.25U to win 1U – Tito Ortiz @ -125 – Win
Event Total: +1.0U



1U to win 1.8U – Melvin Guillard @ +180 – Loss
Event Total: -1.0U


Legacy FC 37

0.5U to win 1U – Leonard Garcia @ +200 – Loss
0.5U to win 1U – Mike Bronzoulis @ +200 – Win
Event Total: +0.5U


UFC Fight Night 56

2U to win 3.5U – Trevor Smith @ +175 – Loss
2U to win 3.0U – Charlie Brenneman @ +150 – Loss
2U to win 0.83U – Warlley Alves @ -240 – Win
1U to win 1.6U – Ovince St. Preux @ +160 – Win
1U Round Robin – St. Preux Dec, Rivas ITD, Smith Dec, Oliveira ITD, Zachrich Dec (from FN55) – Loss
Event Total: -2.57U


UFC Fight Night 55

2U to win 3U – Al Iaquinta @ +150 – Win
1U to win 2.55U – Dan Kelly @ +255 – Win
Event Total: +5.55U


ONE FC 22/RFA 20

1U to win 1.61U – 2-team Parlay @ +161 (Ando, Smith) – Win
Event Total: +1.61U


Titan FC 31/Invicta FC 9

1U to win 1.36U – 3-team Parlay @ +136 (Green, Honchak, Esquibel) – Win
Event Total: +1.36U


Cage Warriors 73

1.35U to win 1U – Alex Enlund @ -135 – Win
1U to win 1.5U – Shaj Haque @ +150 – Win
1U to win 1.5U – Lewis Long @ +150 – Win
Event Total: +4.0U


Titan FC 31

1.2U to win 1U – Felipe Portela – Loss
Event Total: -1.2U


UFC 179

10.81U to win 4.7U – Jose Aldo @ -230 – Win
4U to win 11.2U – Chad Mendes @ +280 (2U at +235 & +325 each) – Loss
1U to win 1.25U – Felipe Arantes @ +125 – Loss
1U to win 1.1U – Hans Stringer @ +110 – Loss
1U to win 1U – Fabricio Camoes @ +100 – Loss
1U Round Robin wins 0.36UFerreira Dec, Cabral Sub, Burns Sub, Camoes Dec - Win
0.5U to win 2.15U – Macario via TKO @ +430 – Loss
Event Total: -2.44U

Note: The plan on this bet is to hedge with Aldo close to fight time, as the line will be significantly closer when it closes than it sits when I placed these bets (October 8th)


Bellator 131

1U to win 1U – Newton/Vassell O3.5 @ +100 – Win
1U Round Robin wins 0.31UVassell, Jansen, DerrowMacario (UFC 179) – Win
Event Total: +1.31U


Legacy FC 36

2U to win 2.7U – Vernon Lewis @ +135 – Loss
Event Total: -2.0U


Bellator 129

2.2U to win 2.1U – Paul Bradley @ -105 – Win
1U to win 1.35U – James Terry @ +135 – Loss
1U to win 1.2U – Houston Alexander @ +120 – Draw
Event Total: +1.1U


RFA 19

2U to win 3.1U – 2-team Parlay @ +155 (Cullum & Collier) – Win
Event Total: +3.1U


Bellator 128

2U to win 4.14U – 4-team Parlay @ +207 (Dantas, Page, Sarnavskiy, McDaniel) – Loss
Event Total: -2.0U


UFC Fight Night 54

6.50U to win 2U – Elias Theodorou @ -325 – Win
2.26U to win 2U – 3-team Parlay @ -113 (Theodorou, Holohan, Tumenov) – Loss
2U to win 3U – Anthony Njokuani @ +150 – Loss
1U to win 2.75U – Bryan Caraway @ +275 – Loss
1U to win 1.6U – Paul Felder @ +160 – Win
1U to win 1.25U – Olivier Aubin-Mercier in Round 1 @ +125 – Loss
Event Total: -2.66U


UFC Fight Night 53

3U to win 3U – Krzysztof Jotko @ +100 – Win
2.6U to win 2U – Ilir Latifi -3.5 @ -130 – Loss
2U to win 3.8U – Ernest Chavez @ +190 – Loss
2U to win 2.7U – Gasan Umalatov @ +135 – Loss
Event Total: -3.6U


MFC 41

1U to win 1.14U – 2-team parlay @ +114 (Edwards & Anstead) – Loss
Event Total: -1.0U


Bellator 127

1U to win 1.7U – Rob Emerson @ +170 – Loss
Event Total: -1.0U


UFC 178

3U to win 2.9U – 2-team parlay @ -103 (Masvidal & Lee) – Win
2.79U to win 2U – 2-team parlay @ -139 (Johnson -9.5 & Howard/Ebersole O2.5) – Win
1U to win 1.23U – Yoel Romero @ +123 – Win
0.5U to win 2.58U – Patrick Cote via Decision @ +515 – Loss
0.5U to win 1.73U – Patrick Cote @ +345 – Loss
Event Total: +5.13U


Legacy FC 35

1.3U to win 1U – Myron Dennis @ -130 – Loss
Event Total: -1.3U


Titan FC 30

1U to win 1.55U – Jason Brilz @ +155 – Loss
Event Total: -1.0U


Bellator 126

2.2U to win 2U – Marcin Held @ -110 – Win
2U to win 3U – Brandon Halsey @ +150 – Win
1.09U to win 1U – 3-team parlay @ -109 (Jenkins, Todhunter [Legacy], Santos [Titan]) – Win
Event Total: +6.0U


UFC Fight Night 52

2U to win 2.9U – Kyung Ho Kang @ +145 – Win
2U to win 2.58U – 2-team parlay @ +129 (Hunt/Nelson O1.5 & Jury/Gomi O1.5) – Loss
2U to win 2.56U – 2-team parlay @ +128 (Tate & Kikuno) – Win
1.5U Round Robin Loses 0.72U (Case, Kanehara, Walsh, Sadollah, Gomi, Nelson R1)
Event Total: +2.74U


Bellator 125

2.9U to win 2U – Brian Rogers @ -145 – Loss
0.5U to win 16.31U – 7-team parlay @ +3262 (Marshall/Manhoef U1.5, Rogers, Yamauchi, Butler/Ayala U1.5, Juarez, Honeycutt/Wilkinson U2.5, Neves/Martinez U2.5) – Loss
Event Total: -3.4U


UFC Fight Night 51

2U to win 2.74U – 2-team parlay @ +137 (Santos/Escudero O2.5 & Spencer) – Win
2U to win 2.26U – 2-team parlay @ +113 (Alcantara & Trinaldo) – Win
1U to win 1.05U – Santiago Ponzinibbio @ +105 – Win
1U to win 1.0U – Jessica Andrade @ +100 – Win
0.5U to win 1.8U – Andrei Arlovski @ +360 – Win
Event Total: +8.85U


Cage Warriors 72

1U to win 1.2U – Cory Tait @ +120 – Loss
Event Total: -1.0U


RFA 18

1.1U to win 1U – Matt Manzanares @ -110 – Loss
1U to win 1.30U – Abel Cullum @ +130 – Win
Event Total: +0.2U


Invicta FC 8

0.55U to win 0.50U – 2-team parlay @ -110 (LaRosa & Bennett) – Loss
0.50U to win 1.18U – Tonya Evinger @ +235 – Win
0.50U to win 0.55U – Jessica Eggink @ +110 – Loss
Event Total: +0.13U


UFC Fight Night 50

2U to win 2.94U – 2-team parlay @ +147 (Oliveira* & Scoggins/Moraga O2.5) – Loss
1U to win 1.6U – Joe Lauzon @ +160 – Win
0.5U to win 3.25U – Alistair Overeem by Submission @ +650 – Loss
Event Total: -0.9U

* – Oliveira’s bout with Nik Lentz was scrapped the day of, but the other leg of the parlay lost anyways.


UFC 177

2U to win 2.1U – 2-team Parlay @ +105 (Ferguson & Ferreira) – Win
1U Round Robin (by 2′s) – Baszler Sub, Jackson Sub, Potts Sub, Wade Dec – Loss
Event Total: +1.1U


Legacy FC 34

2.3U to win 2.5U – Gilbert Smith @ +109 – Win
1U to win 3.5U – Brian Hall @ +350 – Win
Event Total:  +6.0U



1U to win 1.82U – 3-team Parlay @ +182 (Aoki, Askren, Narantungalag) – Win
Event Total: +1.82U


UFC Fight Night 48/49

3U to 3.03U – 2-team parlay @ +101 (Skelly/Niinimaki O2.5 & Leites/Carmont O2.5) – Loss
2.9U to win 2U – Alex Garcia @ -145 – Loss
1.5U to win 1U – Francis Carmont @ -150 – Loss
1.35U to win 1U – Brendan O’Reilly @ -135 – Loss
1.2U to win 1U – Tony Martin @ -120 – Loss
1U to win 1.35U – Elizabeth Phillips @ +135 – Loss
1U to wn 1.3U – Walmir Lazaro @ +130 – Loss
1U to win 1.2U – Roland Delorme @ +120 – Loss
1U Round Robin profits 4.99U (by 2′s) – Le R1, Holloway R3, Garcia Sub, Martin Dec, Saunders SubWin
Event Total: -7.96U


Titan FC 29

1U to win 1.02U – 2-team parlay @ +102 (Ricci & Holobaugh) – Win
Event Total: +1.02U


Cage Warriors 71

2U to win 2.1U – Jack Mason @ +105 – Loss
Event Total: -2.0U


UFC Fight Night 47

1U to win 1.5U – Robbie Peralta @ +150 – Loss
1U to win 1.4U – Gray Maynard @ +140 – Loss
Event Total: -2.0U


UFC on Fox 12

2U to win 2.60U – 2-team Parlay @ +130 (Cummins & Jedrzejczyk) – Win
2U to win 2.34U – 2-team Parlay @ +117 (Lawler ITD & Masvidal) – Loss
1U to win 1.45U – Andreas Stahl @ +145 – Loss
1U to win 1.40U – Mike de la Torre @ +140 – Loss
Event Total: -1.4U


Bellator 122

1U Round Robin (McDonough, Baroni, Anundson, Zwicker) – Loss
Event Total: -1.0U


UFC Fight Night 46

4.6U to win 2U – Ilir Latifi @ -230 – Win
2U to win 3.64U – 2-team Parlay @ +182 (Pendred & Seery) – Win
2U to win 2.5U – 2-team Parlay @ +125 (Sampo & Latifi) – Loss
1U to win 1.49U – Cody Donovan ITD @ +149 – Loss
0.5U to win 5U – Diego Brandao R1 @ +1000 – Loss
Event Total: +2.14U


Legacy FC 33

1.12U to win 1U – 2-team Parlay @ -112 (Jackson & Usman) – Win
0.5U to win 1.4U – Johnny Ray Rodriguez @ +280 – Loss
Event Total: +0.5U


UFC Fight Night 45

2.14U to win 2U – 2-team Parlay @ -107 (Gadelha -3.5 & Smith/Duke O2.5) – Loss
1U Round Robin (Cerrone Sub, Salas Dec, Lineker TKO, Sanders Dec) – Loss
Event Total: -3.14U


TUF 19 Finale

1.55U to win 1U – Frankie Edgar -5.5 @ -155 – Win
Event Total: +1.0U


UFC 175/TUF 19/WSOF 11

2.28U to win 2U – 3-team Parlay @ -114 (Gaethje, Hall, Martins)
2U to win 2.6U – 3-team Parlay @ +130 (Gaethje, Not Tuerxun ITD, Scoggins/Ortiz O2.5)
Event Total: +4.6U


UFC 175

2.5U to win 2U – Rousey/Davis Starts Round 2 @ -125 – Loss
1U to win 1.77U – Kevin Casey @ +177 – Win
Event Total: -0.73U


UFC Fight Night 44

2.25U to win 2U – 2-team Parlay @ -112 (Borg & Diego Ferreira) – Win
Event Total: +2.0U


UFC Fight Night 43

7U to win 5U – Jared Rosholt @ -140 – Win
2U to win 3.5U – Hatsu Hioki @ +175 – Loss
Event Total: +3.0U


Legacy FC 32/WSOF 10

3U to win 2U – Luiz Firmino @ -150 – Win
2.4U to win 2U – Matt Schnell @ -120 – Loss
Event Total: -0.4U


UFC 174

2.1U to win 2U – 2-team parlay @ -105 (Johnson -5.5 & Bader/Cavalcante ITD) – Loss
0.25U to win 1.44U – Kajan Johnson by Submission @ +575 – Loss
Event Total: -2.35U


Legacy FC 31

1U to win 1.45U – Diego da Silva @ +145 – Win
Event Total: +1.45U


UFC Fight Night 42

2U to win 2.6U – Benson Henderson by Decision @ +130 – Loss
0.5U to win 2.05U – Bryan Caraway by Submission @ +420 – Win
0.5U to win 2.03U – Jason High by Decision @ +413 – Loss
Event Total: -0.45U


UFC Fight Night 41/TUF Brazil 3 Finale

2U to win 2.4U – 2-team parlay @ +120 (Souza -3.5 & Carlos Jr.) – Win
2U to win 2.06U – 2-team parlay @ +103 (Souza & Dober/Hein O2.5) – Win
1U to win 3.1U – Vaughan Lee @ +310 – Loss
1U to win 2.3U – Robbie Peralta @ +230 – Win
Event Total: +5.76U


UFC 173

2U to win 4.2U – Vinc Pichel @ +210 – Win
2U to win 2.25U – 3-team parlay @ +112 (Cormier -3.5, Holdsworth, Iaquinta) – Loss
2U to win 1.78U – 3-team parlay @ -111 (Cormier -3.5, Holdsworth, Barao) – Loss
1U Round Robin wins 8.94U – Dillashaw ITD, Rivera TKO, Varner Dec, Pichel Dec – Win
Event Total: +9.14U


KSW 27

1.3U to win 1U – Mariusz Pudzianowski @ -130 – Win
1U to win 1.08U – 2-team parlay @ +108 (Abu Azaitar, Aslambek Saidov) – Loss
Event Total: 0U


Titan FC 28

2U to win 2.55 – DJ Linderman @ +127 (1U each at +100 and +155) – Loss
0.5U to win 0.95U – Gilbert Smith @ +190 – Loss
Event Total: -2.5U


UFC Fight Night 40

3U to win 3.9U – Chris Cariaso @ +130 – Win
2U to win 2.64U – 2-team parlay @ +132 (Larkin & Cariaso/Smolka O2.5) – Loss
Event Total: +1.9U


UFC 172

2.1U to win 2U – Jessamyn Duke @ -105 – Loss
2U to win 2.12 – 2-team parlay (Jones ITD, Rockhold -3.5) – Loss
0.5U to win 3.46U – 7-team parlay (Jones, Davis, Rockhold, Fili, Benavidez, Gomi, Castillo) – Loss
Event Total: -4.6U


UFC on Fox 11

2.5U to win 2U – Estevan Payan @ -125 – Loss
2U to win 3.55U – Ray Borg @ +178 (1U each at +165 and +190) – Loss
1U to win 2.45U – Rafael dos Anjos @ +245 – Loss
1U to win 1.85U – Liz Carmouche @ +185 – Loss
1U to win 1.35U – Mirsad Bektic @ +135 – Win
Event Total: -5.15U


CWFC Fight Night 11/Bellator 117

2U to win 2.16U – 2-team parlay @ +108 (Lima & Pekov) – Win
1.25U to win 1U – Jack Hermansson @ -125 – Win
Event Total: +3.16U


TUF Nations Finale

2.9U to win 2U – Elias Theodorou @ -145 – Win
2U to win 2.08U – 2-team Parlay @ +104 (Poirier ITD & Kaufman/Smith O2.5) – Win
1U to win 1.2U – Gagnon/Gorman U1.5 – Loss
0.1U to win 1.4U – Roop/Kimura wins FOTN @ +1400 – Loss
0.1U to win 4.71U – 3-team parlay @ +4708 (Laprise Dec, Jimmo Dec, Walsh Dec) – Loss
Event Total: +2.88U


UFC Fight Night 39/Bellator 116/RFA 14

2U to win 2.51U – 2-team Parlay @ +126 (Rosholt/Omielanczuk O1.5 & LaFlare/Howard GTD) - Win
1.55U to win 1U – Matt Manzanares @ -155 - Win
1U to win 1.15U – John Howard Points Handicap +3.5 @ +115 - Win
0.5U to win 1.38U – Ramsey Nijem by Decision @ +275 – Loss
0.5U to win 1.33U – Lavar Johnson R1 @ +265 – Loss
0.5U to win 0.8U – Joey Beltran @ +160 – Win
Event Total: +4.46U


Bellator 115

1U to win 1.1U – Oezdimir/Anundson U1.5 - Loss
0.5U to win 1.48U – Cheick Kongo @ +295 - Loss
Event Total: -1.5U


Bellator 114/WSOF 9/Cage Warriors Fight Night 10

2U to win 3.65U – 2-team Parlay @ +183 (Green, Moraes/Rettinghouse O2.5) – Win
1U to win 1.4U – Paul Marin @ +140 - Loss
0.5U to win 1.15U – Tyler Stinson @ +230 - Loss
Event Total: +2.15U


UFC Fight Night 38/Bellator 113

3U to win 2U – Mauricio Rua @ -150 – Loss
2.5U to win 4.23U – 2-team Parlay (Shogun/Henderson O2.5, Anderson) – Loss
2U to win 3.8U – Patricky Freire @ +190 – Win
2U to win 3.5U – Attilla Vegh @ +175 – Loss
2U to win 3.6U – C.B. Dollaway @ +180 – Win
1U to win 2.75U – Michel Prazeres @ +275 – Win
Event Total: +2.65U


UFC 171/Bellator 112

2.8U to win 2U – Daniel Straus @ -140 – Loss
2.5U to win 2.98U – 2-team Parlay (Jury/Sanchez O2.5, Lombard) – Win
2U to win 3.53U – 3-team Parlay (Scoggins, Straus, Koreshkov) – Loss
2U to win 9U – Robbie Lawler @ +450 – Loss
1U to win 5.97U – 7-team Parlay (Jury/Sanchez O2.5, Gastelum/Story O2.5, Wilder ITD, Not Hendricks R1, Not Woodley ITD, Not Shields ITD, Scoggins -3.5) – Loss
1U to win 1.4U – Bubba McDaniel @ +140 – Loss
Event Total: -5.82U


Bellator 111/RFA 13/UFC Fight Night 37/Boxing

2.7U to win 2U – Ilir Latifi @ -135 – Win
2.5U to win 3.38U – 2-team parlay @ +169 (Scott, Dantas ITD) – Loss
2.5U to win 4.53U – 4-team parlay @ +181 (Nelson, Gustafsson ITD, Linares, Alvarez) – Win
2U to win 3.48U – 5-team parlay @ +174 (Escudero, Gustafsson, Linares, Santa Cruz, Alvarez) – Loss
2U to win 2.56U – 2-team parlay @ +128 (Njokuani, Harris/Gaudinot O2.5) – Loss
2U to win 3.3U – Danny Mitchell @ +165 – Loss
2U to win 3U – Phil Harris @ +150 – Loss
0.5U to win 1.6U – Mark Holata @ +320 – Loss
Event Total: -4.47U


Bellator 110/Titan 27/TUF China/Cage Warriors 65

4U to win 6.4U – Jack Mason @ +160 – Loss
3.3U to win 3U – 3-team parlay @ -110 (Gutierrez, Holobaugh, Rampage) – Win
3U to win 3.24U – 2-team parlay @ +108 (Richman, Maguire) – Loss
2U to win 3.2U – Michael Kuiper @ +160 – Loss
2U to win 2.90U – 2-team parlay @ +145 (Eddiva/Tuerxun O1.5, Maguire) – Loss
2U to win 1.11U – Yui Chul Nam @ -180 (originally parlayed with Zak Cummings) – Win
1U to win 4.65U – 7-team parlay @ +465 (Yamauchi, Richman, Nunes, Rampage, Gutierrez, Croom, Holobaugh) – Loss
0.5U to win 1.73U – Mark Eddiva @ +345 – Win
Event Total: -6.16U


UFC 170

3U to win 3.92U – 2-team parlay @ +131 (Sterling, Davis) – Win
2U to win 2.55U – 2-team parlay @ +128 (Nad Narimani [Cage Warriors 64], Ronda Rousey ITD) – Win
2U to win 3.2U – TJ Waldburger @ +160 – Loss
2U to win 2.3U – Robert Whittaker @ +115 – Loss
1U to win 2.4U – Demian Maia @ +240 – Loss
0.5U to win 4.2U – 5-team parlay @ +840 (Rousey ITD, Waldburger/Pyle ITD, Davis, Assuncao, Makovsky) – Win
Event Total: +5.67U


Legacy FC 28

2U to win 2.53U – 3-team parlay @ +127 (Alexandre, Page, Thompson) – Win
2U to win 2.65U – Hunter Tucker @ +140 and +125 – Loss
Event Total: +0.53U


UFC Fight Night 36

2.6U to win 2U – Viscardi Andrade @ -130 – Loss
2U to win 3.53U – 2-team parlay @ +177 (Silva R1, Machida/Mousasi O3.5) – Win
2.1U to win 2U – Zubair Tuhugov @ -105 – Win
1U to win 2.25U – Gegard Mousasi @ +225 – Loss
1U to win 1.3U - Rodrigo Damm +130 – Win
1U Round Robin – (Mousasi Dec, Andrade TKO, Ronson R3, Reis Dec) – Loss
Event Total: +2.23U


UFC 169

4.75U to win 3U – Chris Cariaso @ -158 (1U each at -165, -160 and -150) – Win
2U to win 3.3U – Nick Catone @ +165 (1U each at +175 and +155) – Win
2U to win 3.25U – Neil Magny @ +163 (1U each at +155 and +170) – Win
2U to win 3.05U – 2-team parlay @ +153 (Hester and Iaquinta/Lee O2.5) – Win
1U Round Robin (by 3′s) – (Lineker R1, Trujillo Dec, Patrick Dec, Cariaso Dec, Martin Dec) – Loss
0.4U to win 2.4U – Urijah Faber by Submission – Loss
Event Total: +11.20U


UFC on Fox 10

3.3U to win 3U – Jeremy Stephens @ -110 – Win
2.61U to win 2.5U – 2-team parlay @ -105 (Wineland and Not Miocic in R1) – Win
2.5U to win 2.59U – 2-team parlay @ +104 (Wineland and Kevin Casey from RFA 12) – Win
2U to win 4U – Alex Caceres @ +200 – Win
1U to win 2.55U – Josh Thomson @ +255 – Loss
Event Total: +11.09U


RFA 12

1U to win 12U – Billy Daniels @ +1200 – Loss
Event Total: -1.0U



2U to win 2.1U – Jorge Patino @ +105 – Loss
2U to win 2U – Tyson Nam @ +100 – Loss
Event Total: -4.0U


MFC 39

2U to win 3.6U – Darrill Schoonover @ +180 – Loss
2U to win 4.3U – Gilbert Smith @ +215 – Win
Event Total: +2.3U


UFC Fight Night 35

2.56U to win 2.5U – 2-team Parlay @ -102 (Rockhold, Larkin/Tavares O2.5) – Win
2.5U to win 3.29U – 2-team Parlay @ +131 (Easton/Dillashaw O2.5, Ortiz/Moraga O2.5) – Win
2.5U to win 3.2U – 2-team Parlay @ +128 (Romero, Brenneman) – Loss
2U to win 3.1U – Isaac Vallie-Flagg @ +155 – Loss
2U to win 2.7U – Brian Houston @ +135 – Loss
1U to win 14.7U – 5-team Parlay (Easton/Dillashaw, Ortiz/Moraga, Flagg/Silverio all GTD, Ozkilic Dec, Brenneman Dec) – Loss
1.5U to win 25.6U – Prop RR (Rockhold UD, Sicilia R1, Edwards R1, Vallie-Flagg Dec) – Loss
Event Total: -3.21U


UFC Fight Night 34

3.05U to win 3U – 2-team Parlay @ -102 (Kimura, Holloway) – Win
2U to win 3U – Royston Wee @ +150 – Win
0.5U to win 4.5U – Kang/Shimizu FOTN @ +900 – Loss
Event Total: +5.5U


UFC 159 Picks & Bets

Jon JonesI haven’t had a chance to get my picks and bets posted here prior to the fights starting for a couple of events now. I’ve been busy over at MMA Oddsbreaker (if you don’t follow the site regularly, you should do that thing as there is a ton of great betting content over there). However, I’m on vacation for the next week from my full-time job, so I’ve got some extra time to get all my picks and plays on paper for this event.

The event itself really isn’t terribly intriguing, and the from my perspective the betting opportunities aren’t particularly ripe either. Still, I’m a degenerate, so I’ve managed to get some plays in on this card anyways. I took a bit of a different approach to this card, with a lot of very small bets on specific outcomes at high + numbers rather than my normal straight bets. Read on for my picks and bets. Read More…

tazmma Flashback: Why St-Pierre vs. Diaz Doesn’t Excite Me

Georges St Pierre21 months ago, a fight between Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz was announced. MMA fans seemed to explode with joy at the announcement.

“Diaz will bring the fight to GSP!”
“Don’t be scared Georges!”
“Finally! A new champion at welterweight!”

These are some of the responses that were characteristic of MMA fans at the time. St-Pierre was coming off of decisions against Jake Shields, Josh Koscheck, Dan Hardy and Thiago Alves. Nick Diaz had just come over to the UFC after what many considered the ‘Round of the Year’ against Paul Daley. In many fans’ eyes, Diaz’s stock had never been higher and St-Pierre’s had never been lower. People were jacked. I was not. Why?

As I’ve said many times before, and will continue to, I watch MMA for the fights. Not for the hype, not for the characters and not for the stories. Those things can all add to a fight, but they can’t make it. To me, St-Pierre and Diaz is not an interesting fight. That is not to say both are not good fighters, because Georges St-Pierre is probably one of the three greatest fighters in MMA history and Nick Diaz is a proven top 10 welterweight who is one of the most exciting fighters in MMA when faced with the right opponent. St-Pierre is not that opponent. Diaz has always struggled against strong grapplers due to a combination of his mediocre takedown defence and his inability to make adjustments in the middle of fights. St-Pierre is perhaps the most stifling top position grappler MMA has ever seen, and the most effective wrestler in the sport today. That does not bode well for Diaz, whose four losses in his first UFC stint were all by decision, and all due in large part to his opponents being able to obtain top position against him.

Anyways, enough about me stealing my own thunder. Here is the full version of the article I posted, with square parentheses added to make the context of 2011 make sense:

UFC 137Today [June 2, 2011] it was announced that “Business as usual” really means “We’re going to do whatever the hell we want with Strikeforce, deal with it.” This announcement came right about the same time that the Georges St-Pierre-Nick Diaz bout was officially booked for UFC 137 this October [how did that work out, anyways?]. I’ve read and heard many people get extremely excited about this fight, but I’m not one of them. I’ve been asked why, and the answer is simple; Nick Diaz isn’t a threat to St-Pierre’s title. Keep reading to find out why.

The first thing I should make clear is that this is no way, shape, or form a bad fight. St-Pierre is either the best or second best fighter on the planet, depending on who you ask [remember, this is prior to Jon Jones completing his amazing 2011 campaign]. Diaz is a legitimate top 5 Welterweight [although I now have him ranked #6] who brings a new stylistic challenge to GSP [this was also prior to Condit, who I felt, even at the time, brought a similar but more dangerous style for St-Pierre]. The problem is that the style Nick brings isn’t one that is likely to trouble the UFC champion. Despite having a dangerous striking game and a dangerous guard, Diaz will be limited by what has always limited him, his wrestling game and inability to adapt. Part of Diaz’s wrestling issues stem from the fact that he’s not a good wrestler to begin with, but a bigger issue is that there are times when Nick resigns himself to the fate that he’s not a stellar wrestler and is too willing to fight off of his back. If Diaz gives Georges the opportunity to take him down with ease and then makes no effort to get up, he’ll spend 90% of this fight on his back. We just saw once again at UFC 130 that regardless of what a fighter does from his back, it’s miraculous if he wins a decision [this reference is to the Miguel Torres/Demetrious Johnson bout], and with a grappler as skilled as St-Pierre in top position, it will be difficult to get anything going.

This dynamic will likely lead to Diaz pandering to the referee and crowd for stand ups that he will be unlikely to get. It will also serve to further alienate St-Pierre from fans who are already beginning to tire of his style of dominance [with St-Pierre’s injury absence, and the reception to the Condit bout this isn’t such a big concern anymore]. With Brock Lesnar out of action for the foreseeable future [i.e. forever], the UFC does not need their biggest active star turned into a villain. Especially not by a fighter viewed by them as a loose cannon, and someone who has been difficult to deal with in the past [based on recent history and the UFC 137 incident, probably an accurate assessment].

Nick Diaz is an entertaining character in his own right, and many MMA fans love him (many hate him as well), but the fact remains that St-Pierre is a better champion to have for the UFC to continue to grow into the mainstream. Diaz’s crass attitude and willingness to step away from the sport at any given time mean that the UFC would constantly have to be walking on eggshells with him, something they historically have been unable to do. Furthermore, Diaz’s persona would not go over well with mainstream media outlets like St-Pierre’s does. While fans have made a running joke out of Georges’ pre-fight interviews [people has no idea how dark he is in his head sometimes], those are the types of superficial responses many media outlets clamour for.

Nick DiazWhile I know that many fans – whether they like Diaz or not – want to see the [former] Strikeforce champion win, I believe his wrestling and tactical limitations will cause him to lose a rather tepid decision. It is also likely a better scenario for the sport’s long-term growth for GSP to retain his title, regardless of the fashion or the resulting stagnancy in the Welterweight division [not such a big issue with Johny Hendricks on the horizon] simply due to what he brings to the table in terms of marketability. More people will tune in to watch a boring St-Pierre fight for $60 than are willing to watch Diaz for free [a reference to GSP’s PPV buys compared to Diaz’s Strikeforce ratings]. That is very telling, and while the UFC has made this fight out of an absence of challengers at 170 [back in 2011 this was the case… in 2013 they made it because the organization no longer cares about the sporting aspect of MMA and instead is focused on pure entertainment], you can bet that they would prefer to see their champion’s hand raised at the end of the night.

I feel like I can already see the entire buildup and this actual fight playing out in my head. Diaz will try to provoke in interviews and pre-fight showdowns, St-Pierre will not respond [although Dana White will make unsubstantiated claims about Georges “flipping out”], other than claiming he is the best he’s ever been, Diaz is his most dangerous challenger, and he guarantees that this time WILL be different, he will stop Diaz. Then we’ll see five rounds of the durable Diaz being unable to do anything to St-Pierre, and at the end of the night there will be renewed discussion about how boring Georges is, and how the sport is being ruined by wrestlers.

Honestly, can’t say I’m excited for it.

So there you have it. While people may be bitching about this fight because Diaz doesn’t deserve it (he doesn’t) or because it’s the fashionable thing to do, some of us have been singing the same tune for nearly two years now. This fight, as a fight, isn’t interesting. If Diaz comes out and puts a beating on St-Pierre, I’ll be happy to say I was wrong, but I seriously doubt that’s what is going to take place next Saturday night.

UFC on Fuel TV 8 Takeaways, Betting Recap

Silva StannAlright, there’s going to be an emerging trend in this takeaways article, so I’m going to throw it out there right now. I have re-named “UFC on Fuel TV 8″ as “UFC: What the $#@! Were You Thinking?!” due to the all-around stupidity exhibited on the card from fighters, referees, judges and everyone else involved. I’m not exempt from this epidemic either, so you’ll have some self-effacing quips to look forward to as well.

Overall, UFC: What the $#@! Were You Thinking?! was a very strange card. at one point there was a run of eight consecutive decisions on the card, and I think if you bet the ‘Over’ on each fight on tonight’s card you would have gone either 10 of 11, or a perfect 11 of 11 (I don’t remember if Lim/Guimares O/U was set at 1.5 or 2.5). For any MMA event, nevermind one featuring some of the dynamic finishers this card had, that’s just odd.

Normally on these articles I start from the top and work my way down to the prelims, but this time I’ll be working in reverse, as the ‘What the $#@! Were You Thinking” quotient increased as the night went on. Read More…

UFC on Fuel TV 8 Picks & Bets

UFC on Fuel TV 8This Saturday marks the UFC’s return to Japan, which is looking to be a more frequent occurrence after the organization saw some success with UFC 144 last February. Unlike the previous card featuring a Lightweight Title fight between Frankie Edgar and Benson Henderson, this card caters a little more directly to the Japanese fans. The top three fights on the card feature former Pride FC standouts, and the remainder of the event showcases some of the best Asian fighters, and some of the better Asian prospects in the sport today. Although the card is taking place in Japan, there is quite the emphasis on Korean fighters as the UFC is still trying to break into that new market.

Let’s run down the card and see if we can’t find some value: Read More…

2013 Betting History

So as not to dissuade bettors of any monetary size, I won’t be attaching dollar amounts to my bets. Instead, I will convert my actual balances over to unit values, and post those so they can be used with any sized bankroll.

My lessons about bankroll management have led me to 1 unit equalling 2% of my starting bankroll. So if your starting balance was $100, one unit would be $2. If it was $10,000, a unit would be $200. Simple, no?

Total numbers accurate as of Cage Warriors 55. Bets after that have been posted, but not tallied in final results.

Starting balance: 50U
Current balance: 66.11U
Pending bets: 8.4U
Total balance: 74.51U
Profit/Loss: +24.51U (+49.02%)
Record: 61-75-1
Single Outcomes: 46-53-1 (+12.955U)
Parlays: 15-22 (+11.555U)
UFC: 40-46
Bellator: 10-14
Strikeforce: 2-2
Regional: 7-8-1
Boxing: 1-0
Mixed: 1-0 Read More…

Reduced Content on tazmma

As you may or may not know, I have joined the MMA Oddsbreaker team, and will be doing some writing and editing for them moving forward. As a result, I won’t have the ability to update this site as often as I have been over the past few months. I will still keep my betting tracker going, and try to post my picks and bets for each UFC card, but the breakdowns I’ve been doing will take a back seat to this new endeavour.

Be sure to head over to MMAOddsbreaker.com, where you can find new odds being released for upcoming fights before anywhere else gets them. The site also features a podcast called the MMA Oddscast, where Nick Kalikas, Luca Fury and Adam Martin provide their analysis and bets for major cards.

Thanks for the support, and I hope you’ll continue to follow my work over at the new digs.


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